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Be a Volunteer

Give your...


  • Work at a Charity Run/Walk 

  • Coach a team for an hour once a week

  • Spend the day planting trees at a park

  • Be available to stock a food pantry

  • Spend the evening ushering at a show

  • Do research for a virtual project 

  • Document a veteran's oral history

  • Share some love with a shelter pet


  • Tutor an elementary school student 

  • Sing for residents in a nursing home

  • Create cards for children in hospitals

  • Cheer on a Special Olympian 

  • Organize a sock drive

  • Run/walk in a charity race

  • Help build a blue bird habitat



  • Form a charity run team to raise $

  • Ask for birthday charity donations 

  • Give your yard sale proceeds to a local charity

  • Donate unwanted items from your closet to a local charity

  • Bake sale raising money for a cause

What is a jrvolunteer?

Someone who is interested in...

  • Being a part of their community

  • Helping others 

Who can be a jrvolunteer?

  • Anyone under the age of 18

  • Clearances are often not required 

  • Parental consent may be needed

What are the benefits?

  • Service hours

  • Helping others

  • Personal growth

  • Experience

  • Teamwork

  • New skills

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