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Central PA Horse Rescue


Central PA Horse Rescue (CPR) holds Orientation Sessions for individuals interested in volunteering with CPR. During this orientation, prospective volunteers are introduced to CPR’s mission and take a tour of the farm. Youth are required to act responsibly and respectfully while volunteering at the farm for the safety of all.

Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation


Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation is a non-profit no-kill shelter helping abandoned, neglected and abused cats and dogs in Central PA. Following the legacy of our founder, Helen Opperman Krause, we strive to bring love and safety to the most vulnerable with a dedicated team of volunteers. Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation is always looking for fellow animal lovers to help in this mission. Time spent volunteering is the most valuable donation our animals receive. 

Volunteers may work with cats at age 16 with parental consent. Volunteers under the age of 16 may also volunteer, but only with a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must be volunteering as well, not just be present. All of our volunteers are required to have a current tetanus shot. 

Rock Run Animal Rescue


Thank you for considering Rock Run as a place to volunteer your time — 

our animals will love you! 

Volunteers under 18 may not start volunteering without parent/guardian signature.

**All volunteers under the age of 14 must have direct parental supervision at all times while volunteering on site at Rock Run Animal Rescue..**

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