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Packing Cans

Coronavirus Response

Cumberland Valley Cares

Cumberland County

Cumberland Valley Cares is a group of committed volunteers organized to help those in need in the Cumberland Valley area. Our current mission is to utilize volunteers at the least risk for severe COVID-19 reactions to assist with various tasks to help help with the COVID-19 crisis. Activities include working to bring groceries and supplies to those in high-risk demographics, and collecting medical supplies for clinics and hospitals. Requirements: must be healthy and minors will need parental consent.

Learn In Shelter


Learn in Shelter was started by a group of high school students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students are struggling with transitioning to remote learning and lack the support needed to continue their education. We aim to provide individualized attention to each student to supplement their learning.

Letters Against Isolation


Our volunteers' handwritten letters of joy and positivity help fight senior loneliness! We write to over 1,500 seniors, and need your help to reach them all. This is an excellent project for anyone from children to seniors! Write as many or as few letters as you can.

New Hope Ministries


NEW Volunteer Sign up Sheet!! Click here to sign up to volunteer at New Hope Ministries. We are calling on healthy volunteers who can give their time to ensure that food services and other essential programs can continue. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up using the new sign up sheet, or call the Center you want to volunteer at – or stop by.

Operation Face Mask

Central PA

Join Operation Face Mask Today! You can help make a difference!
Over 250 Masks made so far! 1000+ mask requested and more coming in 😷
Sewing Help Needed: Fabric, elastic and instructions provided.
❤ Donations Needed - 1/4 inch elastic or New Hair Ties. - Cotton Fabric
Email for supplies.
Follow us at to get up to date information!

Masks are going to the following places who all are in desperate need of them:
-Cumberland Goodwill EMS
- 24,000 Home Health Care workers from United Home Care Workers of Pa.
- Osteopathic Hospital ER
- Commonwealth Senior Living
- Home Care for Living
-UPMC Central Transport in Hbg
- Fire Tree Substance Abuse Center

FB Message me or email me at and I’ll let you know where to drop off the supplies.

Project Share


Here at Project SHARE, volunteer opportunities are endless. We look forward to partnering with you for the betterment of our community. Whether you are serving community members directly through Distribution or picking produce during Gleaning every job helps Project SHARE complete its mission. Additional youth volunteer opportunities are available during the summer season.
Youth volunteers under the age of 15 years old require a parent to be present.

Smile Card


Smile Card provides a smile to over 80 senior centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a moment, all you need is a paper and pen. Submitted digital artwork will be added to a gallery so that senior shelters and hospitals can share it with their residents or patients. Email us a card, letter, poem, or other piece of artwork (in the form of a JPEG) to spread the joy and put a smile on someone's face. Join the effort to bring smiles to seniors.

Stitchers Corps of Central PA

Central PA

* A group of volunteers determined to protect those on the front lines of the COVID19 Crisis in Central Pennsylvania.
* A group of all genders and races, who are committed to caring for our community.
* Crafters, shoppers, hoarders (you know who you are), and drivers who are putting our skills to work.
Support your community by joining the cause to make masks for those in need. Masks are made for members of the community on the frontlines, at risk health populations, individuals wearing masks in the community and more.



Calling all Kindergarten to 12th grade student musicians! Do you like to sing? Do you play an instrument? During the COVID-19 pandemic, come and join student musicians in Maryland, USA to share your love and music talents with senior residents in the Assisted Living facilities. All music levels and music genres are welcome! You can practice at home, perform, record your performance, and then send us the link to your performance video (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram or simply place in the iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox). We will consolidate into one playlist every week to be broadcasted at several Assisted Living facilities that have partnered with us.
To be considered for volunteering in our Virtual Concerts, all student volunteers and their parents/legal guardians must read, complete and e-sign our "Volunteer Release Permission and Waiver of Liability Agreement", which is a document that is included at the end of our sign-up form here.

Word of Thanks


Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, we should all take a moment to thank our healthcare workers. They are working on the front lines, helping fight this disease! Words of Thanks is a program that allows US residents from any state to write various types of "thank you" letter to healthcare workers in their area.

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